Some of the things we hear most from our couples are that they want their day captured in a natural, candid, and fun way. That's exactly what we do. Throughout your day we take a photojournalistic approach, kinda like a fly on the wall but with funnier banter, and only tweak things a bit if needed. You're awkward you say? So are most of our couples! We're going to have you so caught up in each other that you'll forget you're even in front of the camera. That's a little bit about our style and how we do the actual photo stuff. Here's a bit more about what we do outside of that.

  • Timeline customization
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Facebook support group with tips, pointers from past couples, and more.
  • Communication on point. Text, email, call, we're there whenever you need us. 
  • Quick turnaround time for your wedding photos between 6-8 weeks.
  • Knowledge of different cultures and religions (Towfiq comes from a Muslim background, Michelle from a Jewish background)
  • Keeping your day low stress and fun :)
  • Working with partners who are also best friends - So we basically have ESP at this point, which is pretty helpful for making sure we capture every single moment without having to say much of anything. Also, it's something special to work with two people who trust each other with everything versus a photographer who's never worked with their second before. 
Dobbin Stret Wedding 2.jpg

To wrap it up, our goal is basically to make you feel like Ben & Leslie.


Do you want to feel like them too? Get in touch with us!