Nice to meet Ya!



Lead Photographer

You'll find me with an iced coffee every morning, probably playing some "chill indie playlist" and making a million to do lists on Google Calender (man I love that thing). I miss my dog Goldy (she's a border collie mix) every single day, but she's with my family in Ohio and I can't deny her that backyard life. She was adopted from the ASPCA and I urge everyone to adopt if possible! Speaking of, I grew up in Ohio and moved to NYC at age 18. The first day I got here, I walked onto a rock in Central Park, sat down and took a deep breath; realizing I felt truly at home. Brooklyn has been good to me and I absolutely adore it. "Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way!" Curling up to read a good book (especially sci-fi/dystopian novels) is something I absolutely adore and that I don't do nearly enough. I'm also crazy passionate about travel. I love seeing a mix of both urban and nature in all new places, and learning about the local culture. Dying to go back to Iceland! Weddings make me insanely happy and seeing people truly in love makes me even happier. There's also decent chance I'll tear up at your vows, just a heads up.

P.S. Parks and Rec is the best (sorry Towfiq)



Lead/Second Photographer

I came to New York from Bangladesh when I was 11. It was a very interesting place to grow up in, with popular culture quite behind compared to the US. While everyone here grew up watching Sesame Street and the Muppets, I watched shows like MacGyver and cartoons like Thundercats. I also grew up listening to a lot of 70s and 80s heavy metal. Started playing the guitar in 8th grade. When we take a road trip, you know darn well Dio’s “Holy Diver” is going to be on the Playlist. I’ve been into the arts and sciences from as long as I can remember. It started with reading and drawing pictures from my older brother’s Encyclopedia Collections (remember those giant books before the glorious internet days?). It shaped me to be a giant science and tech nerd. I love enjoying a nice stormy or snowy day with a glass of Glenlivet or a cup of tea with milk and sugar (Before you gasp, it’s a very common South Asian thing). Traveling is something I consider an absolute must in life. I try to go away to somewhere with natural landscapes whenever I can. It is extremely refreshing for my soul, especially getting away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Why do I love to shoot weddings? Because I love all the beautiful chaos and lovely craziness that comes with this wonderful day. I thrive under pressure and I'm a quick problem solver. I'm definitely made for weddings.

P.S. No, the Office is the best, deal with it! (sorry Michelle)



Our Awesome Associate/Second

I love thunder and lightning storms! I also constantly dream about the country side; grass, hills, railroad tracks, streams and rivers- I love it all! Going to Bath and Body Works and smelling all the different scents is almost a hobby of mine, I have my favorites but I still like to test out the new ones. I earned my BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and I still have and actually use a physical, paper planner :) I've been skydiving before, and it was awesome! I’m not sure I would test my luck a second time though. I love shooting weddings because there are so many different, exciting moments that happen throughout the day. I have many chances to be creative with styling, provide direction, and feel like a documentary photographer all in one wedding. My favorite parts are the emotions shared by all participants throughout the day, and getting a sneak peak into the love and emotions between the couple always lifts me up and brightens my day!




Here's a silly video of us doing an engagement session