Wander Wednesday - Bear Mountain

“Wanderlust” is defined as a strong longing for or impulse towards wandering. Those of us with a passion for adventure? We feel this wanderlust every day. In order to really satisfy this ache, we MUST put our hectic lives on hold and reconnect with nature as often as possible.

Tensed from our fast paced NYC lifestyle, Michelle, Cesar and I had been trying to plan a nature getaway for weeks. Despite the cold and dreary weather, we decided that no matter what, it was time for a mini road trip. Bring on Bear Mountain!

We began our hike with a slippery trudge up the mountain. Wet leaves and moss blanketed the ground, making it difficult to keep our footing. We had bundled up well for this climb but little prepared us for the biting wind that would be hitting our faces! The wind howled as it cut through the trees. Sadly, halfway through our hike it began to rain and our hike was cut short.

Ironically, the minute we got to the bottom, the rain stopped. We decided to explore the area a bit…and there it was! The biggest frozen lake with an absolutely gorgeous backdrop of mountains and pine tree forests. It was so serene and peaceful, we couldn’t help but stare.

Gazing at this beautiful landscape, the sun setting right between dense clouds, made the trip totally worth it. The sense of importance in wandering and exploration had never meant more to us.

We came back feeling extremely refreshed, with memories of the beautiful sceneries we’d seen; ready to resume our fast paced lives again. So, whenever you start feeling a sense of wanderlust, don’t ignore it. Embrace it instead. Act on it. It’s your body and mind telling you how vital it is to travel and explore. Your everyday life will always “get in the way”, but it’s up to you to make time, as little as it may be.