Tim & Elyssa- Trash The Dress

"Trash The Dress". The first time we heard about this type of session, we just could not GET it. Why would anyone want to ruin their beautful dress?! But after a bit of research, we were ooo-ing and ahh-ing. Tim and Elyssa contacted us quite some time before their wedding asking if we were interested in doing this, and we're always down for something new!

Shortly after their wedding we made all the plans and set off on our adventure. Both Tim and Elyssa showed up at our shoot location in their wedding clothes, ready to immerse in this fun experience. They also brought along two great friends to do hair and makeup, super sweet ladies!

Now, this situation in particular was a bit different from a standard trash the dress. Elyssa told us she wanted to donate her gorgeous gown after the session to a bride who may not be able to afford her own. What?! More shockers. But honestly what an amazingly sweet gesture. We ensured her that we'd just get the dress a bit dirty, not too bad. On our adventures we found abandonded buildings, awesome graffitti, beautiful ocean scenes, and had fun with vape. Props to everyone for trudging through brush and sand! It was so much of a fun time that we're definitely going to be doing more Trash The Dress sessions from now on! < 3