Hannah & Wesley - San Francisco Couples Session

Circumstances aligned so absolutely perfectly for our chance to work with Hannah and Wesley again! About two years ago we had the chance to photograph their engagement in NYC, while on vacation from Canada. When they found out that we were heading out to California for a wedding this past fall, they couldn’t believe it because they were planning to take a trip around that time too! We chatted for a few minutes and then boom, we were set to do another session with them, but this time in Cali! As none of us are local (us from NYC and them from Canada) it just added to the adventure as we wandered around different beautiful spots, taking photos and having an amazing time. It was such a pleasure hanging out with you again Hannah and Wesley!! <3

Sharrel & Jonathan - Prospect Park Couples Session

Can these two get any cuter? No way. I had such an amazing time photographing Sharrel and Jonathan! We had originally wanted to shoot by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden but it actually closed as we got there. We made the best of it and wandered around the outside of the garden a bit and through Prospect Park! So much fun!

Alexa & Emily - Dumbo Couples Session

What a fun time exploring Dumbo with these two! They were visiting NYC from Canada and decided a couples session would be super fun, especially because they're photographers themselves! We wandered around to a few favorite spots, and a few new ones. Ending our day at a coffee shop was a perfect finish to our adventures!

Emily & Chris - Williamsburg Couples Session

We had such a fun time doing this couples session in Williamsburg with Emily and Chris! This session was slightly different from our norm, and they were kind enough to give us full creative liberty to do whatever we’d like. Yay for industrial vibes!

We started off at Bushwick Inlet Park, where we walked along the water and balanced on the rocks. There was lovely views of the city skyline and the Williamsburg Bridge, and even a pier leading into the water! Since it was starting to drop into the colder temperatures during our session, the park was basically empty and we had it all ourselves.

Afterwards, we had a lovely stroll to a local records store. We love the industrial, yet comfy vibe and there were so many awesome and unique spots inside. First off, records as far as the eyes can see! All of us are huge music lovers, so this was like heaven. We even had a chance to listen to some songs with headphones attached to the wall. Then we wandered around upstairs where there was a black and white photo wall and some gorgeous string lights. We even found a funky arcade game to play.

Of course, you can’t forget coffee! There was an adorable small café inside the record shop so we decided to stop by and relax a bit. On the table were scattered magazines featuring Pink Floyd (which we were pretty hyped about, considering we love them).

Emily and I used to work together, and it was such a pleasure seeing her again. Both Emily and Chris were absolute naturals (though to be fair, Emily plays Maid Marian in the New York Renaissance Faire and she and Chris both cosplay, so they have a little experience already ;) They also got married a little under a year ago, so this was a bit like an early anniversary session! It was such a pleasure working with you both!

Tiffany & Jose- Brooklyn Bridge Couples Session

What a gorgeous sunset couples session on the Brooklyn Bridge! Jose and Tiffany were so much fun to work with and were visiting all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. They were making a small weekend trip here to New York City for the weekend so that Jose could run in the The New York City Marathon, which covers all five boroughs and is one of the biggest marathons in the US! The day after our session, Jose actually ran in the marathon and finished strong! Major congrats to him, that’s no easy feat. 

Tiffany and I actually found each other through an amazing group of creatives called The Rising Tide Society. She’s also an amazing senior and wedding photographer. If you are ever in Atlanta, you should make sure to book a session with her here! Her work is absolutely gorgeous.

After the fun of trying to find each other outside of the Brooklyn Bridge (it gets pretty packed outside!) we were off to start of an amazing session. We had absolutely gorgeous weather, and the longer we spent walking across the bridge, the richer the skies grew with beautiful sunset colors.

There’s something so magical about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for photo sessions. I love all of the leading lines and shapes the bridge creates, allowing for so many great photographic opportunities. It’s an extra fun adventure when I get to play with backlighting, which Tiffany and Jose were kind enough to let me do! At a small corner of the bridge, I had Jose dip Tiffany and lit them up from behind. You can see the photo below, in all of its romantic glowing city goodness!

It was such a pleasure working with both of you, hope you enjoyed your mini vacation here in NYC! Can’t wait to see you again the next time you visit! <3

Arielle & Tyreek - Fort Tryon Couples Session

I can't get over these two, why are they so cute together? Their kind of session is what we live for. Adventure, passion, and all things romance! I've known Arielle for years. She has crazy amazing Makeup Artist skills and we've worked together in the past multiple times. Ty is an up and coming actor, and after hearing about him so much from Arielle, I now see why they're perfect together. The way they play and tease each other is something I love seeing in all of my couples (though accidentally kicking Arielle while you were both flailing around dancing is still not acceptable Ty.)

It just added to the fun when we started hearing thunder towards the end of our session. We knew it was going to be crunch time so Arielle and Ty ran at the speed of lightning (see what I did there?) and got changed into some fancy outfits. We managed to grab a ton of gorgeous shots in this picturesque overhang spot exactly as it began to pour. The whole scene reminds me of Paris for some reason, with the glowing lights and oncoming storm. Thanks so much Arielle & Ty, it was super amazing taking photos of you guys in Fort Tryon Park :)

Victoria & Stephen

Day: Saturday. Time: Early evening. Location: Central Park. Weather: Bloody horrible!!! The humidity was off the charts and it had been drizzling/raining on and off the entire day. Despite all that, we were determined because the show must go on! On that note, mega props to Stephen and Victoria, for making their way out in the rain and muggy weather! ❤

Stephen and Victoria are both huge fans of the movie "Up", so as their third anniversary was coming up, Stephen decided to suprise her with an "Up" themed photo session! One photo was planned out to be particularly special, a photo of Victoria flying away with balloons with Stephen holding onto her. But yeah, taking that photo... let's just say it involved getting a ladder, carrying onto a bus. then through Central Park in the rain. It took quite a bit of work and patience. However, once we all met up, we were to take on the challenge! From the beginning, we saw how awesome Stephen and Victoria were and how they had such great chemistry! It was such a blast working with them and having them be open minded to all sorts of fun ideas! (Their photos will speak for that themselves) :)


As the day ended with an approaching sunset...

Finally, the shot we all have been waiting for, here it is. Fly away. Up, up and away! ❤

Tehilla & Shlomo

There's a bit of backstory to go along with this session, so if you'd like to hear about it, read till the end of this post. If not, enjoy some adorable photos!

Israel is a country filled with beautiful places and people. Things to see and explore are endless. I only had a couple days there to cram it all in, but you better believe I made it happen!! Determination knows no bounds when it comes to good friends and good times :D

We started the session in a really beautiful and quiet location called the Freedom Trail. As we walked down the road we saw some fantastic views and mini waterfalls!

Tehilla 2.jpg

After we did a couple photos there, we moved on to a really special location, their wedding venue from a year ago! It was such an amazing place. Honestly, if they had something like that here I'd book it myself. We walked around the venue and took photos everywhere!

Next to the building, which had some fantastic ivy on it.


By the trees and flowers blooming all over.

Tehilla 9.jpg

We even got one really special shot. Tehilla had been telling me that during the wedding, the two of them had felt the need to take a breather. They stepped away and laid down on a picnic table together, watching the stars. When she told me this story, I reeeeally wanted to recreate the emotions they'd felt! So I had them lie down on the exact same table and we got the shot. Shlomo didn't even want to get up, he was too comfy!

The story of how things came to be-

A few years back one of my best friends, Tehilla, invited me to her wedding in Israel. Sadly, it was during the absolute busiest time of the year for me and there was just no way I could make it. Not only because of time but because of finacial strain as well. I was devasted to be missing this important milestone in my best friends life, but there wasn't anything I could do. For the past few years it has bothered me endlessly, making me wonder what on earth I could do for her.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. My really close friend Batya (who also lives in Israel) is getting married, and she reaaaaaally wants me to come!! Through many amazing forces (mainly Batya, being the amazing person she is) we manage to plan a flight. I'm honestly still in shock that we actually made it happen. I'd been to Israel once before on a 6 week program, but I was about 16 at the time, so it was quite a good number of years ago. Flying back felt dream like.

The wedding was beautiful and I was so excited to see Batya and Aaron together. Since Tehilla and Batya are also great friends, which makes things even more awesome! I actually got to meet Tehilla's husband Shlomo at the wedding too. From the first minute I met him, I knew he was the right guy for my friend. I got SUPER lucky because I actually got to stay with them for about two whole days after the wedding, but it felt no where near enough. Secretly I'm dying for them to come visit in NYC, I love them both. Here's to hoping!!

Live More. Be More

Chavi & Adam

Chavi and Adam were the winners of our couple’s photo session contest. I will start of by saying they were super adorable and a great couple to work with. They had beautiful chemistry between each other, which made our job hardly a job at all! A lot of candid and intimate moments were captured, and we hardly had to pose them. The session took place at Prospect Park.

After meeting up with Chavi and Adam, we jumped through a couple of different locations, starting with a tunnel underpass surrounded by trees and rocks.

We then went to our next location, which was a huge field of grass in the park. We told Chavi and Adam to sit in the grass and look at each other. Of course, partners can’t just “look” at each other. Smiling, laughing and having a good time ensued!

20150516-couple 3.jpg

We then had them sit under a nearby tree.

After that, we moved to our last location for the evening. This was the highlight location of the photoshoot - A beautiful waterfall. Everything from Shakespear-esque moments to 1950s style romance were captured here.

"You're safe in my arms, my lady."

Casablanca anyone?

Many more intimate moments followed. These two were really a great couple and looked great together!

We moved a few meters away from the waterfall where there was a platform over-looking a boat house. Adam and Chavi displayed their classical dance skills at this point.

Finally, the day came to an end...

All I can say at the end of this is that Chavi and Adam were super awesome to work with. We were having a great time and the time completely flew by to the point where none of us minded staying a bit longer to finish capturing these amazing moments. We had so many great photos of them that the selection process afterwards was very difficult. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of working with them in future and have an awesome time again!

Live more. Be More ❤