Arielle & Tyreek - Fort Tryon Couples Session

I can't get over these two, why are they so cute together? Their kind of session is what we live for. Adventure, passion, and all things romance! I've known Arielle for years. She has crazy amazing Makeup Artist skills and we've worked together in the past multiple times. Ty is an up and coming actor, and after hearing about him so much from Arielle, I now see why they're perfect together. The way they play and tease each other is something I love seeing in all of my couples (though accidentally kicking Arielle while you were both flailing around dancing is still not acceptable Ty.)

It just added to the fun when we started hearing thunder towards the end of our session. We knew it was going to be crunch time so Arielle and Ty ran at the speed of lightning (see what I did there?) and got changed into some fancy outfits. We managed to grab a ton of gorgeous shots in this picturesque overhang spot exactly as it began to pour. The whole scene reminds me of Paris for some reason, with the glowing lights and oncoming storm. Thanks so much Arielle & Ty, it was super amazing taking photos of you guys in Fort Tryon Park :)