Jacqueline & Michael - NJ Botanical Garden Engagement

We had such an amazing time wandering around the gorgeous NJ Botanical Gardens with Jacqueline and Michael! There are picturesque spots around every corner there. We even got super lucky and had perfect golden hour light to wrap up the session! Congrats Jacqueline & Michael!

Kaitlyn & Luke - East Village Engagement

We love when our couples choose their neighborhood for engagement photos! We were able to wander around with Kaitlyn and Luke, exploring the local stores and park. They even had a chance to ride some Citibikes!! We’re so excited for their wedding coming up this month :)

Saakshi & Clayton - Jersey City Engagement

A little rain wasn’t going to bring Saakshi and Clayton down! For their Jersey City engagement we began with drinks at a local bar (which actually was what they did as their first date!) and then we wandered around the city. We wrapped up at Liberty State Park which has some gorgeous views of NYC and the rain actually helped create some gorgeous photos! We love when our couples are so adventurous and willing to hang out in the rain <3 Can’t wait for your wedding this coming year!

Alexis & Nate - Transmitter Park Greenpoint Engagement

I had such a blast with Alexis and Nate for their engagement session! Nate used to live local to the park and they had a lot of their dates there, so it was a perfect spot for this. We wandered around the park, enjoying the sunset and the gorgeous weather. We even went out on the pier! Afterwards we strolled around, looking for some cool street art (Greenpoint has tons)! We stopped for a quick beer and continued on our adventures, wrapping up in front of some awesome graffitied walls. What was even more wild was right after we finished, they officially began their move to Texas! Congrats to you both Alexis and Nate!

John & Samantha - Baccarat Hotel Proposal

When John reached out saying he wanted to propose to Samantha at the Baccarat Hotel, I got so excited! The Baccarat is an absolutely gorgeous luxury hotel and I've actually worked there before for an elopement. We began planning and decided he would propose right in front of their LED light wall. When the day finally arrived, John had told Samantha that they were going to head to a nice dinner. While on their way "out" through the lounge, he stopped right in front of the wall and popped the question! Samantha was in shock and crazy happy all at once, and she said yes! After the proposal, we stopped by a few different spots throughout the hotel for photos. It was an absolutely gorgeous moment and a pleasure working with them. Congrats John and Samantha!

Ana & Christie - Dumbo Engagement

We had so much fun wandering around Dumbo with Ana and Christie for their engagement session! We stopped by a few pieces of great street art, including the rainbow wall! After that, we headed over to Brooklyn Bridge Park for some gorgeous skyline views. We're so excited to capture their special day at Brooklyn Winery in September!

Brian & Tara - The Mysterious Bookshop Proposal

I absolutely adore when a proposal spot has meaning to it. Tara works in publishing and loves books, so it made total sense for Brian to pick The Mysterious Bookshop! He spent weeks planning all the small details, making sure everything would be perfect. Brian had actually been collecting little momentos from their life together over the years, and displayed each of them with books on a table. In the middle, a sign that reads "Marry Me?" Sooo sweet! Shortly after the proposal we headed over to Rockefeller Park for a few scenic photos, wrapping up a beautiful and special day. Congrats Brian & Tara!

Vik & Krishma - Gapstow Bridge Central Park Proposal

I love getting calls where someone is planning their proposal. The combination of excitement and nervousness really creates something special. When Vik reached out to me, he said that he wasn't sure where he wanted to propose. We started brainstorming and ended up in Central Park. Then we added some extra flair and decided on a picnic scenario! This was totally new to me but I was down for a challenge. He and Krishma were actually coming to NYC because it's her favorite city in the whole world, which made it truly fitting to get proposed to here. The day of the proposal I stopped by a florist, brought a wicker basket/blanket, some wine and glasses and was off! Once the spot was setup, all that was left was to wait for them to show up and make some magic happen. He popped the question and she said yes!! They enjoyed some wine together and then we wandered around Central Park. We wrapped up around The Plaza Hotel as she absolutely adores it, so made it a stop! So excited for this Texas couple and for all their future adventures. Congrats Vik & Krishma!

Ilyse & Max - Boston Commons Engagement

What makes a road trip all the way from New York to Boston worth it? To be able to work with an amazing and awesome couple like Ilyse & Max!

The trip was quite interesting; It was 75 degrees in NYC when I picked up Michelle in Brooklyn and headed out towards Boston. Once we drove into Connecticut, the temperature started to drop and it also started to rain. As we drove deeper into Connecticut, it started to snow! By the time we got to Boston, it was very windy and pretty freezing!

We met up with Ilyse and Max at Boston Common and instantly had a great connection. They are just SO sweet, romantic, silly and adorable! We walked around Boston Common, Boston Public Garden and through Branch st (where a very angry resident threatened to call the cops on us because she didn't like us photographing around the area, haha).

The session came to an end and it was getting even colder outside by now, especially since the wind had picked up even more. What do we do now to end the evening? We went to Picco, where we all enjoyed ice cream together (it's never too cold for ice cream). Absolutely delicious! It was such a blast working with Ilyse and Max and we can't wait to photograph their wedding this year!

Juztina & Justin - Bowery Engagement

When your couple asks to do photos in the Bowery, you know you're in for a good time. Juztina and Justin both love the urban atmosphere over there, and we do too so we set it up! We started our session at some super awesome graffiti walls filled with all different types of art. We were even able to stop by Freeman's Alley! While wandering around we also discovered an intimate park right in the middle of the Bowery. It was a perfect contrast to the city vibes, and gave us a bit of gorgeous greens :) It started to rain just as we were wrapping up, but that didn't stop the fun! Juztina had been prepared with adorable orange rainboots and yellow/orange umbrellas! All the wandering around we'd done had made us all pretty hungry so we stopped for a slice of cheesy NYC pizza! We had such a blast with these two and we're so hyped for their wedding at Brooklyn Winery this year!