Dan & Jamie - Long Beach Proposal

With the cold starting to set in here in NYC, it's nice to take a look back at warmer days like this one! Dan had come to us saying he had a plan for his proposal, and there's nothing we love more than a man with a plan! Both Jamie and Dan are surfers and connected with the beach, so it seemed the perfect place.

Jamie's day began with a bit of a scavenger hunt, leading to a limo ride with champagne to enjoy. It dropped her off at the boardwalk where she was given rollerblades to skate her way down to the pier (she actually hadn't rollerbladed in years so hoped she wouldn't trip, and luckily she didn't!) By the pier, she was met by some of her closest girlfriends with balloons and a sign that said "Jamie Stop Here!" She was then told to head down to the beach. There by the water, Dan was waiting for her with a seashell ring box. After a few sweet words, popped the question and she said yes! :) We took a few photos of Dan and Jamie, then headed down the boardwalk for the last part of the surprise....all their family and friends waiting for them! Congrats to Dan and Jamie, you guys are so sweet and we wish you all the best!