Wander Wednesdays - Israel

About two weeks ago I got back from one of the most amazing trips of my life. I had the pleasure of going on Birthright, a 10-day program that teaches you about your Jewish heritage and exploring the country with 40 plus people. I went in with very little expectations, but what I left with is a lifetime of memories and friendships. It's hard to put a trip like that to words, where you walk away feeling changed. There was a wonderful poet by the name of Rachel, who came to a kibbutz by the Kinneret Lake in Israel before it became a state. She wrote "...my Kineret...oh my Kineret. Did you exist, or did I dream a dream?" Our tour guide Joe (who was absolutely amazing) said that we may feel like this after leaving. He was absolutely right, and after returning home it feels like it all happened so fast. Part of being a photographer is capturing and preserving memories, and I’m so grateful to have the chance to do so. 

Below is a taste of the beautiful sites around Israel; ranging from snow-capped mountains to old cities to gorgeous beaches. Enjoy!