Tips On Staying Cool and Comfortable For a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings come with one downfall - lots of heat and a scorching sun. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk down the aisle looking like a hot mess. When it comes to staying cool and comfortable for your summer wedding, we’ve got some top tips for you!


Cool Everyone Off

Give your guests a little something to stay cool throughout the ceremony. For instance fabric cushions will keep them from stinging their legs on those scorching hot chairs. A pair of sunglasses are super sweet to keep the sun out of their eyes while you say “I do”. Fans are a great idea too! Cute handheld ones that match your colors or theme can be put on each guests chair.  You can rent also rent industrial version fans. That way you can walk down the aisle with a little catwalk flare.

Bridal Do’s & Don’ts

Bring comfy shoes along with those gorgeous heels! Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Don’t use liquid makeup. Instead go for a killer oil control, powder-based makeup, and keep a pack of oil blotting tissues in your wedding survival kit. Also, use a matte lipstick that doesn’t smudge so it won’t be running down your beautiful face. Beauty Bakerie has killer lip whips that won’t smudge or wash off all day in a plethora of gorgeous colors.

Photography Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to your NYC Wedding Photography on a hot Summer wedding day, there are a few things you can do to keep your look super cool. For instance, do a first look and all the bridal party photography early on in the day. That way your look is still super fresh. Use a makeup setting spray to keep it all in place. That way you will probably only need to refresh your lipstick and eyeliner before the reception to keep your look the same. Go for a super-sweet updo when it comes to hair and keep your neck cool.

Summer Survival Kits

Make super-sweet survival kits for everyone in your bridal party. Fill them with sweat-fixing items like sunscreen, travel-size deodorant, body wipes, water and a pack of oil blotters. The guys will love these too - minus the oil blotters. Have them waiting for the bridal party post-wedding ceremony in the bridal suite, or stash them in the bathrooms at the reception with their names on each bag for a quick freshen up session.