Vendors We Love- Clementine Studio

We always have such a pleasure working with Carly Martin of Clementine Studio! She creates such amazing watercolor and calligraphy designs...we're constantly blown away by her talent! If you're looking for amazing wedding stationery, you've found it. Check out our interview with her below!

Photo by Anna Sodziak

Photo by Anna Sodziak

What led you to create a stationary/illustration business?

I had been freelance illustrating alongside my full-time job for a few years and in that time I designed my sisters save the date card. After that I started getting more requests and I eventually decided to launch Clementine Studio and go out on my own!

What do you enjoy most about it?

The autonomy of creating my schedule was what I was most looking forward to about working for myself, and while that's still great and I probably take it for granted, what I enjoy most now is having a few years of solid work and happy clients behind me which encourages me to keep going and gives me the confidence I need anytime doubts or fear creep in.

Tell us about an interesting wedding experience that stands out!

It's really surreal creating wedding items for a friend and then being at that wedding and seeing all of your work come to life, people touching and admiring it. I recently created the wedding suite for my friends' wedding last month and it was so fun seeing how they used the custom monogram I made them in so many little details- like on a tiny limoncello favor for guests, or as stickers on cigars for the groomsmen. It was so fun to see!

What do you desire for your business?

I want to keep growing organically and expand my brand with collaborations and other design work in the coming years.

Outside of your stationary work, what things do you enjoy doing? Any special hobbies?

I moved to Chicago a year ago from NYC (where I'm from) so I've loved exploring and getting to know the city. Discovering cute coffee shops and the best Chicago beaches with my pup have been favorite activities this Summer. Also, reading. I love books and I make sure to build in more time to read during the Summer. 

Most-wished vacation destination and what do you plan to do there? 

This is so tough! I have a huge travel bucketlist. Africa has always been #1 since I first studied it in 3rd grade. But more recently I've been dreaming of a trip to Morocco. The culture, colors, textures and patterns I see from there are calling my name!

What are you grateful for?

I'm trying to focus more on gratitude so I appreciate this question. Overall I'm very grateful for the health and happiness of my family and friends, daily life with my fiancè and puppy, getting to work everyday at a business I created, but more specifically right now I am grateful for Summer and iced coffee :)

Any recent cause for celebration?

I'm getting married in April! It's been weird to be on the other side of wedding planning after having worked with so many brides. It will be an interesting experience creating my own wedding invitations!

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