Vendors We Love- Betsy Elisa Beauty

Elisa Tallerico and Betsy Reyes, by caryn leigh photography

We absolutely love working with Betsy and Elisa! They're a super fun team and such a pleasure! Check out our small interview with them below, and if you're looking for a Hair and Makeup team....look no further! 

What led you to become a Hair and Makeup team?

We met in 2000 at MTV, I (Betsy) did hairstyling for the network at the time, and Elisa did makeup.  Our partnership was almost instant and natural. We admired each other's work and saw that our styles complimented one another. It was all effortless. 

What do you enjoy most about it?

The fact that we're not only a beauty duo and business partners, but that we are best friends. We have so much respect for each other and it flows into how our business has been so successful and why we’re so great at what we do. There's nothing better then waking up to do a job you absolutely adore with a biz partner that is someone you can trust, and have fun with!

Tell us about an interesting wedding experience that stands out?

Every wedding is so special to us. We truly feel a connection with each bride we’ve worked with, whether it is a long time friend or a new client. It’s always a magical day, whether rain or shine. There’s nothing like that last look right before the bride sees her groom, you can’t help get choked up with all the emotions. 

One of our favorite weddings was for a friend/client, Vanessa Lachey. Elisa and I were there when she married Nick Lachey, and it’s still such a beautiful memory of us putting her veil in, and watching someone we love at her happiest moment. Getting to be part of those moments are always such an amazing feeling.

What do you desire for your business?

We want to continue to make people feel beautiful and confident… It's not just the hairstyle and lipstick, it’s the girl power talks that go along with it. Whether it is a wedding, engagement or a party, it’s always fun to get ready, and to look and feel your best, with great company. 

Outside of Hair and Makeup, what things do you enjoy doing? Any special hobbies?

I can only speak for myself, but I love traveling, seeing the world and scuba diving!

Most-wished vacation destination and what do you plan to do there?

I can’t even narrow this down to 1! But my "to do" in the near future is Hawaii and Cayman Islands.... hike and dive.... and sleep (haha)!

What are you grateful for?

I am so grateful for the opportunities that we’ve had to be where we are today. Elisa and I work so hard for a company that we adore. What we have is no accident, it comes from our heart and our drive.

Any recent cause for celebration?

Our beauty team is growing and we couldn’t be prouder of the talent and personalities we have in our crew. We celebrate and applaud Team BE!

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