Tiffany & Jose- Brooklyn Bridge Couples Session

What a gorgeous sunset couples session on the Brooklyn Bridge! Jose and Tiffany were so much fun to work with and were visiting all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. They were making a small weekend trip here to New York City for the weekend so that Jose could run in the The New York City Marathon, which covers all five boroughs and is one of the biggest marathons in the US! The day after our session, Jose actually ran in the marathon and finished strong! Major congrats to him, that’s no easy feat. 

Tiffany and I actually found each other through an amazing group of creatives called The Rising Tide Society. She’s also an amazing senior and wedding photographer. If you are ever in Atlanta, you should make sure to book a session with her here! Her work is absolutely gorgeous.

After the fun of trying to find each other outside of the Brooklyn Bridge (it gets pretty packed outside!) we were off to start of an amazing session. We had absolutely gorgeous weather, and the longer we spent walking across the bridge, the richer the skies grew with beautiful sunset colors.

There’s something so magical about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for photo sessions. I love all of the leading lines and shapes the bridge creates, allowing for so many great photographic opportunities. It’s an extra fun adventure when I get to play with backlighting, which Tiffany and Jose were kind enough to let me do! At a small corner of the bridge, I had Jose dip Tiffany and lit them up from behind. You can see the photo below, in all of its romantic glowing city goodness!

It was such a pleasure working with both of you, hope you enjoyed your mini vacation here in NYC! Can’t wait to see you again the next time you visit! <3