Jay & Vanessa - Gantry State Park Engagement

This is one of those relationships that just blossoms from something wonderful to something even better. Jay and Vanessa had gone to college together and became really good friends. They've actually been friends for 12 years (what!) and over time, one thing led to another, and now they're happily engaged. I’d say that’s #goals.

Queens was a big hang out/date location for these two, so when it came to choosing an engagement session spot, they knew it had to be there. Gantry State Park was absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous scenic view of the skyline and water. Not to mention it was a perfect day, we had a mix of pretty sunset colors and dramatic storm clouds. We even got some fall colors, which really added some pop!

Jay and Vanessa also had an adorable idea to announce their wedding date! We set up a scrabble board in perfect alignment, vertically and horizontally, to spell it out. There were other props as well, such as sport team hats (they’re big sports fans) and funny tees. One that I thought was especially sweet was a poetry book they read together. Is there anything more romantic than that?

We’re so excited for both of you, congrats Jay and Vanessa!