Emily & Chris - Williamsburg Couples Session

We had such a fun time doing this couples session in Williamsburg with Emily and Chris! This session was slightly different from our norm, and they were kind enough to give us full creative liberty to do whatever we’d like. Yay for industrial vibes!

We started off at Bushwick Inlet Park, where we walked along the water and balanced on the rocks. There was lovely views of the city skyline and the Williamsburg Bridge, and even a pier leading into the water! Since it was starting to drop into the colder temperatures during our session, the park was basically empty and we had it all ourselves.

Afterwards, we had a lovely stroll to a local records store. We love the industrial, yet comfy vibe and there were so many awesome and unique spots inside. First off, records as far as the eyes can see! All of us are huge music lovers, so this was like heaven. We even had a chance to listen to some songs with headphones attached to the wall. Then we wandered around upstairs where there was a black and white photo wall and some gorgeous string lights. We even found a funky arcade game to play.

Of course, you can’t forget coffee! There was an adorable small café inside the record shop so we decided to stop by and relax a bit. On the table were scattered magazines featuring Pink Floyd (which we were pretty hyped about, considering we love them).

Emily and I used to work together, and it was such a pleasure seeing her again. Both Emily and Chris were absolute naturals (though to be fair, Emily plays Maid Marian in the New York Renaissance Faire and she and Chris both cosplay, so they have a little experience already ;) They also got married a little under a year ago, so this was a bit like an early anniversary session! It was such a pleasure working with you both!