Camping at Taconic State Park

Finally, we got to go camping once again! Our roadtrip to Taconic State Park was pretty short, only 2.5 hours away. Now, some of you may know we don't seem to have the best luck with weather and camping trips. At this point it basically means camping = rain. However we weren't going to let a little water stop us from our adventures and we were off! Getting a fire going was the hardest part, since most of our wood was damp. But with Cesar and Towifq's master fire skills, we got a bonfire set up in no time and had the yummiest smores! We also managed to cook steak over the fire on our second day, which was a real treat. We had a chance to hike to Bash Bish Falls and even met two photographers while we were there! Two days went by super fast and then it was back to city life. Check out some phtos from our trip below!