The Most Awesome Screen Protector. Ever.

There are some things you don't realize you NEED until you have it. This is one of those things: Impossible Tempered Glass.


It all came about on our recent trip to PhotoPlus Expo (ie. A photographer's heaven). It was the end of the day and we were getting pretty tired out. While glancing from booth to booth, we came across a small table called Impossible Tempered Glass (Patchwork) and decided to check them out. Little did we know of the AWESOMENESS that lay before us.

You know how tempered glass screens are sold for cell phones? Well, it's literally that, but for camera screens! For a long while I was just using a junky plastic screen protector that got me by. The man at the booth (who was super sweet!) went on to explain to us how it sticks on, but without all the annoying bubbles that usually pop up. This is super important if you want to see a clear image on the back of your screen with no obstructions. It's also super easy to take off, and doesn't require any wacky mechanics like using a hairdryer which some other screens do! It also comes in an snazzy little case.


The screen has been super easy to maintain so far and I'm loving how crystal clear it looks. After putting it on I couldn't stop saying "it looks like a new camera!" I've been pretty hyped about it since. If you have a camera, I highly recommend getting this screen protector. Seriously, like go here and get it ->

Plus it's super affordable! $20 for the safety of your screen. Can't beat that. By the way, this post is not being sponsored or anything, I'm just seriously in love with it :) Thanks for listening guys.

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