"Wander Wednesdays"- Camping at Woodland Valley

Welcome to our first "Wander Wednesday"!

About a week ago Towfiq, Cesar, and I all took a camping trip to Woodland Valley Campgrounds. Before this I was the only one who'd been camping before, but the boys were ready to jump right into it (knives, bear spray, and all)!  


The trip from NYC was about 4 hours long. Besides for hitting 3 separate tolls (whyyyy), we thoroughly enjoyed the scenic trip up there. For someone like me who grew up in Ohio, it felt amazing to head out to the wilderness and get some fresh air. I mean, city life is amazing but c'mon, we all need a break every once in awhile.

Once we reached the campground and checked in, the lovely lady at the counter informed us that "there are tonnnns of bears here. But you already knew that. They stay at the top of the hills around the campground and watch. MOSTLY they're just looking for food." Well thank you, glad to hear it, I'll just be on my merry way now. She was a sweetheart though and when I told her we'd accidentally forgotten bug spray (I'm a mosquito magnet), she gave us a can on the house.

Now began the fun part; setting up our tent. This is something none of us had done before. Luckily we got the hang of it pretty quickly (sort of), and got it up in no time!


After slaving over our tent, we decided it was time to take a quick stop at the nearby river to relax and take some photo. The spot was absolutely beautiful at sunset and it gave us time to appreciate where we were and how much it meant to us. Not just being there, but being there with the people we love and care about.

After the river, we headed back to camp to make obligatory hot dogs and smores!! Mmmm.


Now that it was getting darker, Towfiq and I began to set our photo gear up. We'd been meaning to do night sky photography for quite some time, but living in the city doesn't give you the opportunity to do so; too much light pollution. "Wow" is literally the only way I can explain the experience. Taking photos in near pitch black night andthen having the most amazing scene appear on your camera screen? Priceless.

Even managed to catch a shooting star in the second one! :)

Fast forward now to sleeping time. Three of us in the tent. Here are some helpful tips if you're going to be sharing a tent with your best friend and boyfriend:

  1. They will potentially play footsy in the middle of the night, don't question it as it's "for warmth".
  2. PACK WARM. This means bring plenty of blankets/sleeping bags and assume it will be colder than expected at night. If you're the only one to bring a sleeping bag, yours WILL be stolen by the others and then everyone ends up shivering.
  3. Wake them up if there's a problem. For some reason I ended up with extreme stomach pain (hotdogs, I'm looking at you.) The boys were super sweet about it and took care of me until I felt better.
  4. You may not end up sleeping in the tent all night. We ended up being so cold that we tried to sleep a bit in the car. Note- if you're sitting in the drivers seat, watch where you put your feet....you may just end up blaring the car horn at 4 am.

Despite everything that happened throughout the night, there was no where I'd rather have been. Waking up to the brisk morning air, the mistiness, the trees; nature's beauty encompassed us and it took our breath away. I can't wait for the day we do it again, and for the million more adventures to come.

Live more. Be more. ♥