Victoria & Stephen

Day: Saturday. Time: Early evening. Location: Central Park. Weather: Bloody horrible!!! The humidity was off the charts and it had been drizzling/raining on and off the entire day. Despite all that, we were determined because the show must go on! On that note, mega props to Stephen and Victoria, for making their way out in the rain and muggy weather! ❤

Stephen and Victoria are both huge fans of the movie "Up", so as their third anniversary was coming up, Stephen decided to suprise her with an "Up" themed photo session! One photo was planned out to be particularly special, a photo of Victoria flying away with balloons with Stephen holding onto her. But yeah, taking that photo... let's just say it involved getting a ladder, carrying onto a bus. then through Central Park in the rain. It took quite a bit of work and patience. However, once we all met up, we were to take on the challenge! From the beginning, we saw how awesome Stephen and Victoria were and how they had such great chemistry! It was such a blast working with them and having them be open minded to all sorts of fun ideas! (Their photos will speak for that themselves) :)


As the day ended with an approaching sunset...

Finally, the shot we all have been waiting for, here it is. Fly away. Up, up and away! ❤