Chavi & Adam

Chavi and Adam were the winners of our couple’s photo session contest. I will start of by saying they were super adorable and a great couple to work with. They had beautiful chemistry between each other, which made our job hardly a job at all! A lot of candid and intimate moments were captured, and we hardly had to pose them. The session took place at Prospect Park.

After meeting up with Chavi and Adam, we jumped through a couple of different locations, starting with a tunnel underpass surrounded by trees and rocks.

We then went to our next location, which was a huge field of grass in the park. We told Chavi and Adam to sit in the grass and look at each other. Of course, partners can’t just “look” at each other. Smiling, laughing and having a good time ensued!

20150516-couple 3.jpg

We then had them sit under a nearby tree.

After that, we moved to our last location for the evening. This was the highlight location of the photoshoot - A beautiful waterfall. Everything from Shakespear-esque moments to 1950s style romance were captured here.

"You're safe in my arms, my lady."

Casablanca anyone?

Many more intimate moments followed. These two were really a great couple and looked great together!

We moved a few meters away from the waterfall where there was a platform over-looking a boat house. Adam and Chavi displayed their classical dance skills at this point.

Finally, the day came to an end...

All I can say at the end of this is that Chavi and Adam were super awesome to work with. We were having a great time and the time completely flew by to the point where none of us minded staying a bit longer to finish capturing these amazing moments. We had so many great photos of them that the selection process afterwards was very difficult. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of working with them in future and have an awesome time again!

Live more. Be More ❤