Tehilla & Shlomo

There's a bit of backstory to go along with this session, so if you'd like to hear about it, read till the end of this post. If not, enjoy some adorable photos!

Israel is a country filled with beautiful places and people. Things to see and explore are endless. I only had a couple days there to cram it all in, but you better believe I made it happen!! Determination knows no bounds when it comes to good friends and good times :D

We started the session in a really beautiful and quiet location called the Freedom Trail. As we walked down the road we saw some fantastic views and mini waterfalls!

Tehilla 2.jpg

After we did a couple photos there, we moved on to a really special location, their wedding venue from a year ago! It was such an amazing place. Honestly, if they had something like that here I'd book it myself. We walked around the venue and took photos everywhere!

Next to the building, which had some fantastic ivy on it.


By the trees and flowers blooming all over.

Tehilla 9.jpg

We even got one really special shot. Tehilla had been telling me that during the wedding, the two of them had felt the need to take a breather. They stepped away and laid down on a picnic table together, watching the stars. When she told me this story, I reeeeally wanted to recreate the emotions they'd felt! So I had them lie down on the exact same table and we got the shot. Shlomo didn't even want to get up, he was too comfy!

The story of how things came to be-

A few years back one of my best friends, Tehilla, invited me to her wedding in Israel. Sadly, it was during the absolute busiest time of the year for me and there was just no way I could make it. Not only because of time but because of finacial strain as well. I was devasted to be missing this important milestone in my best friends life, but there wasn't anything I could do. For the past few years it has bothered me endlessly, making me wonder what on earth I could do for her.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. My really close friend Batya (who also lives in Israel) is getting married, and she reaaaaaally wants me to come!! Through many amazing forces (mainly Batya, being the amazing person she is) we manage to plan a flight. I'm honestly still in shock that we actually made it happen. I'd been to Israel once before on a 6 week program, but I was about 16 at the time, so it was quite a good number of years ago. Flying back felt dream like.

The wedding was beautiful and I was so excited to see Batya and Aaron together. Since Tehilla and Batya are also great friends, which makes things even more awesome! I actually got to meet Tehilla's husband Shlomo at the wedding too. From the first minute I met him, I knew he was the right guy for my friend. I got SUPER lucky because I actually got to stay with them for about two whole days after the wedding, but it felt no where near enough. Secretly I'm dying for them to come visit in NYC, I love them both. Here's to hoping!!

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