Blurb Photo Walk

About a week ago I joined a super fun photowalk with Blurb and Lomography!

We discussed how to create books/magazines with Blurb's Bookwright program and learned how to best utilize it. I'd actually tried out the program not too long before this (coincidentally), but actually learned about some cool new features!

After the speech we all got to pick a lomography camera. They ranged in all different types, from the Sprocket Rocket to Fisheye Cameras. I went with the Diana camera for its simplistic way shooting and its ability to pop colors. Juan, one of the leaders for lomography, then helped us load color film into our cameras. He mentioned that what we see in the viewfinder isnt really what we will get (kinda like an an analogy for life!) This was definetely true because the way I framed shots was super far off from what I envisioned in some, but totally on point in others.

Rainy day and all, we went out to Washington Square Park to capture what ever caught our eye. It's been such a long time since I shot this way, and it was a major breath of fresh air and just a ton of fun :) Here are a couple of photos I took with the Diana below!

P.S. This was my first time shooting with color film and I think I may be in love < 3